How to Start Reading Quran Daily?

Reading Quran daily is a goal we all try to reach. But most of the time we fail in doing so. That’s why we will learn how to make it a part of our daily routine.

How to start reading Quran daily? To make the Quran reading part of your daily routine you should put a goal that you can achieve; start with a small amount and read Quran after or before every prayer; with time the Quran reading will be a main part of your day.

Why should we read the Quran daily? Because we were instructed to do so by Allah and the Prophet. Also, there are many hadiths showing the virtues of reading the Quran.

Now, let’s learn how to read the Quran every day even if we are busy.

How to read the Quran while busy?

Learn how to start reading quran daily

We will learn together a few tips that will help you include the Quran in your daily routine.

1-     Make your goal clear and doable and define your intentions:

The first thing you should do is; to put a goal for yourself for example to read two pages every day. Put a goal that you can achieve not something impossible like “I will finish the whole Quran every day”.

Also, you have to know why you want to read the Quran daily. Is it because of its many virtues, or because you saw your friend doing so and you want to do the same. Defining the reason will help you reach your goal.  

As the Holy Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) said, “Our actions are always according to our intentions. And we only get what was intended.”

When doing something you should do it for Allah, not because you want to be better than someone else or because someone asked you to do so.

Know this; if you’re doing good deeds for Allah; then Allah will help you along the way and give you the strength you need. However, if you’re doing it to please someone else then you won’t continue doing it.

To conclude this, the first thing you should do is to decide how much will you read daily. Secondly, make your intention to please Allah. Thirdly, ask Allah to give you the strength to keep reading Quran.

2-     Start with a small amount:

Some of us get overwhelmed and decide to read 5 juz every day. Which is not impossible by the way. But as days pass, we become unable to keep up. Then we get disappointed with ourselves and stop reading in the end.

That’s why in my opinion you should start by reading two to five pages every day in the first week. Then you can increase the number of pages in the second week or third week.

As the days go by you will find yourself reading one juz every day, and the Quran recitation will be a main part of your daily routine.

Don’t rush yourself at the beginning, what we want here is to make the Quran a main part of your daily life not to do the khatam Quran in one month. Take baby steps and you will succeed in the end.

3-     Take advantage of technology:  

Thanks to the technology we have now we don’t have to carry the Quran with us all the time and everywhere we go. We can simply read Quran from a smartphone or laptop.

There are many Quran applications that you could download and will help whether in learning the correct recitation of the Quran, listening to it, or reading it.

Life is much easier now, even if there is no place to perform Wudu then you can read from the mobile. If you have free time or if you’re traveling there is nothing that can stop you from reading the Quran.  

There is also an app that shows you the ayah of the day like Muslim Pro, which will also help you in your journey.

4-     Listen to The Quran:

This is more to advise than an actual tip. Some people don’t like reading, so if you’re one of them then you could listen to Quran daily, and at the same time try to repeat what you hear and focus on what the reciter is saying.  

5-     Read Quran in your free time:

If you have any free time or time for practicing your hobbies then you could make some of this time for reading Quran.

For example, let’s say you love painting and you paint for two hours every day, then leave 30 minutes of them or even 15 minutes for Quran reading.

6-     Enroll yourself in a Quran reading course:

Some people don’t do anything unless they are forced to do it that’s why if you don’t like reading or you can’t make reading Quran a part of your day then enroll yourself in a Quran reading course.

This way you will read the Quran daily, additionally, you will learn the right way of recitation and the use of Tajweed.

As long as you have a supervisor you won’t be able to miss a day without reading, and it will be an online course if you don’t like leaving home a lot.

7-     Make your Quran recitation a part of the daily prayers:

Another amazing way is to read a page of the Quran after every salah or before it, this way you will be in the state of Wudu and you will divide the daily Quran reading into five parts which will encourage you to continue.

Most people prefer reading Quran before or after Far because it’s one of the best times for Quran recitation, and this exact time and the nighttime generally were mentioned in the Quran to be witnessed by the angels.

The Far time has no distractions at all, everyone is asleep, only you and the Quran, so, there will be no source of distraction. Also, this method is amazing for the people who don’t like to perform Wudu a lot. And you will be able to concentrate easily and understand the verses that you read.

Making the Quran recitation a part of your daily routine is not easy and we all struggle in doing so, the important thing here to know is that it is okay if you miss a day without reading the Quran.

Don’t feel disappointed with yourself, because we are all humans, and it’s normal to be tired and fail to read the Quran or do what we wanted to do.

What’s important is to not let that get to you, keep trying and ask Allah to help you keep going and you will in the end.

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