How Long Does It Take to Read the Quran?

For Muslims reading the Quran is the most important thing. Having the ability to read it correctly with tajweed is what all Muslims aim for. Some people struggle while reading it and some don’t. If you know how to read the Quran it won’t be a problem for you.

There are no restrictions on the reading speed; however you shouldn’t read the Quran fast just to finish it. The main goal of reading the Quran is to understand it right.

That’s why most people prefer to recite the entire Quran in one month (30 days), meaning one juzz each day. You don’t have to do the same; you are free to recite two juzz a day or even more. As long as you’re reading the Quran to understand it.  

So, how long does it take to read the Quran? You can read the entire Quran in 10 hours as long as you find no troubles reading it. However if you struggle in reading the Quran it might take 30 hours from you to finish it.   

Keep reading to learn how to read the quran faster without giving up accuracy, and to find out the answers to more of your questions…

How to read the Quran fast?

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As we said, your main goal of reading the Quran is to understand it correctly and not to just finish reading it fast before anyone else does.

After that being said, let’s see the best methods that will enable you to read the Quran quickly in an effective way.

You will learn to read the Quran without struggling, stuttering and stammering in simple words all the way to reciting any part of the Quran easily.

Read Quran:

It might sound strange but in order to read the Quran correctly you should keep reading and with time your reading will be improved.

The first advice given to the Prophet Muhammad was “Recite!”. So, your way of reading fast and correctly is to keep reciting over and over. This is the best way to enhance your reading, and there is nothing that can replace it.

The more you read the better you get, and in no time you will find no troubles in reading what you used to struggle in reading. And the lines you used to stop in many times will now become easy to read, and won’t take much time from.  

The best way to stop yourself from getting too lazy to read the Quran is to link it with something you do daily. Another thing that you might be too lazy to do is wudhu.

You might say I don’t want to do this now, maybe later. And that’s how the days will pass without you reading anything. So one effective way is to link the Quran recitation to the daily prayers. 

For example, you pray five times a day and you are already in the state of wudhu, so choose one prayer to read a small amount of Quran every single day. With time it will become a habit like anything else you do daily.     

Repeat intelligently:

A great way to increase the effectiveness and speed of your reading Quran is repeating. For example, if you choose to recite the Quran after isha and you decide to read two pages every night and two pages in the morning after dhuhr too.

Instead of reading two pages in the morning then reading two new pages in the night here’s what you should do:

In the first day morning read page 1 then read it again, then in the night repeat page one again and then read it again.  

Now you will say” this way I will only finish one page?” That’s right, however reading the same page four times will increase your speed of reading it. The first time you will struggle and be slow, the second time will be better and when you reach the fourth it will be much quicker and easier for you than the first time.  

Now, on the next day repeat the process but on page two, and keep doing that in the following days. Repeat the same page four times. Maybe at the end of each week you might challenge yourself and read the 7 pages you learned throughout the week.

Additionally if you prefer doing so with a teacher so that the teacher would correct your mistakes and help you read correctly and fluently, you could do that. And it will be better for you and help you learn faster and become quicker in reciting the Quran with tajweed. This is our aim when reading the Quran. And, who knows? You will be great in no time.

If you recite five pages every day and challenge yourself to read the whole pages you learned during the week at the end of the week, this will be equal to reading the whole Quran once each 100 days.

Learn new words:

The main purpose of reading the Quran is to understand it, and, how will you do so without learning it’s vocabulary? So now you should put an aim for yourself, which is making a list of the Quranic words. For example, if you learn 300 words you will learn about 70% of the Quran.

This process is completing the reciting process, because when you see a word that you know while reading you will understand its meaning and will make it much easier for you to understand the meaning of the Quran.

Use your phone:

One great way to learn reading faster is by listening to the Quran from a reciter. So hold your phone and type in the name of your favorite reciter and choose which part you want to hear and listen to. Listen to the recitation and read along, this way will help you read correctly without struggling.

If you find that the reciter is reading too fast, listen and try to read along then repeat the page again until you master it.

Now you know how to speed up your reading, let’s see how to enhance your recitation.

Steps to enhance your Quran recitation:

You will see the beauty of the Quran when you learn to read it with tajweed, and learn its rules and characteristics correctly. Quran is the Muslims language, it’s your way through understanding life, and guides you through. So, reading the Quran correctly with tajweed is what you should aim for. Here we will give you a step by step guide to help you through.

Quran Pronunciation:

The Quran consists of Surahs, each Surahs consists of words and letters. In order to learn how to recite correctly you should start by learning the sound of the letters and how to pronounce them. Understanding this will make it easier for you to recite correctly.  

Firstly, practice each letter sound. Learning the letters and how to pronounce them will help you become fluent in reciting the Quran. Additionally, you should repeat and revise every letter in the Quran which will enhance your recitation.

Learn Tajweed Rules:

Your second step is learning the right rules of tajweed. Tajweed means “improve or to accomplish in a better way.” Meaning that it is the rules you follow to pronounce and read correctly.

There are many ways to enhance your recitation, but the best method is through repetition, which will give you fluency and increase your speed and help you understand the Quran better. Reading the Quran with Tajweed gives you the feeling of peace. It’s also the main key to understanding the Quran. That’s why you should make learning tajweed a priority, to improve your recitation, and ease of reading.  

Some of the tajweed rules include:

  • Rules of the unvowelled letter nūn
  • Extra lengthening of long vowels
  • Manners of articulating letters 
  • Thickness and thinness of letters
  • Nasalization of the two letters mīm and nūn

Besides learning these simple rules you should also learn how to practice them correctly. Try implementing each rule that you learn and listen to a Quran reciter to learn better how to implement them effectively. Then repeat after the reciter, this way it will stick into your head and you won’t forget it.


It is essential to learn when to rise and fall of reading and how to pronounce or say the sound. Also learning when to slow down, and when to silence will help you get better at recitation. Knowing the tajweed rules and following the right signs and characteristics will make it easier to recite.

When you know how to recite you will become more fluent and be able to understand what you’re reading and help you to engage and read the Quran regularly.   

Quality of the recitation:

You might think that recitation is not important, but enhancing the quality of your recitation and being able to recite the Quran correctly will make you love reading the Quran. And it will be much easier for you to read quickly with now mistakes.

You willl also be able to finish the entire Quran in less than one day. And you might even become like the reciters that you love listening to and help people love reciting Quran just like you love to.  

That’s why you should take your time in learning the right way of reciting the Quran and enhance it. One of the best ways to do so is by listening to a reciter and repeating along. This will enhance your reading significantly.

Also there are many studies that show that memorizing the Quran enhances your memory and reciting Quran makes you feel relieved and eliminates all your worries and anxiety.


The best method amongst all is Repetition; this will significantly enhance your reading and help you speed up. And we have already discussed how to do so in the best way.  

Record and Compare:

Recite the Quran and record yourself to learn from your mistakes, there is now shame in reading it wrongly in the beginning, with time you will become better at it. Record your reading and listen to it, see where you got it wrong and try reading it correctly.

Then repeat the process again and again until you read correctly with no flaws and mistakes. This process will help you become fluent in reciting the Quran and help you learn from your own mistakes.

If you don’t know if you’re reading correctly or not you should listen to a reciter saying the same part and compare it to your recording.  If there is anything wrong, fix it, read it again and record it, with time you will find no problem in reciting the Quran the right way. You could also hire a tutor or download an app. Choose what is best for you.

Repeating this process will help you catch your mistakes, learn from them and become fluent in reciting the Quran.

Hire a Tutor:

If you don’t like self-learning then the best thing to do is hiring a tutor. The tutor will help you learn the tajweed rules, and the right way of recitation. When finding someone to guide you through your journey you will be encouraged and will be more confident in your recitation. Plus, you will find who will tell you when you get it wrong and guide you through.

Moreover, having a tutor that will help you understand the meaning of the Quran, will make you love reciting even more.

Is the Quran hard to read?

As long as you understand the right way of reading the Quran and can read the Quran with tajweed you will face no problems. However, if you don’t know tajweed in the right rules of reading the Quran it will be a little difficult for you to read the Quran correctly. Don’t concern yourself with the hardness of reading the Quran. With time you will be perfect at it.

How long does it take to read one part of the Quran?

It will take only 20 minute for you to finish one part. And if you know how to read the Quran with tajweed you will read it even faster. If you don’t know how to read the Quran correctly it will take about 30 minutes from you to finish it. It’s not a problem if you take too much time reading one part, what is more important is to understand its meaning.



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