Why Do I Get Goosebumps When I Listen To The Quran

Listening to the Quran offers a lot of emotional advantages. It brings us nearer to Allah. I am still getting goosebumps when I listen to the Quran with my favorite reciters.

It is quite overwhelming to understand that you are listening to the words of the Almighty Being. Not the words of a normal human and that that Almighty Being is the Creator of Heaven and earth.

Could this be the reason? Why do I get goosebumps when I listen to the Quran? You get goosebumps when you listen to the Quran because your brain gets severely affected by the rhythm and words. If you’re a true Muslim, the words being recited have a very spiritual effect on your emotions, thus, you get goosebumps

What Happens When You Listen to the Quran? 

quran to explain why do I get goosebumps when I listen to the quran

There have been lots of ayahs and Hadith on listening to Quran. But what really happens when you listen to it? 

To decrease anxiety, a variety of non-pharmacological treatments. Such as aromatherapy, massage therapy, relaxation exercises, and music therapy, have recently been used. Music has a long history of being used as a healing tool.

Music was regarded as a therapeutic agent having a calming effect that decreases anxiety and induces relaxation in ancient Egypt, Greece, China, India, and Italy.

Several studies have demonstrated the calming benefits of music interventions on patients. Even those undergoing invasive operations, cancer patients, and those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Although the use of music as a therapeutic agent is not a new phenomenon, research on religious music has been limited.

According to the research, religion and religious lyrics may have a good influence on mental health.

The Quran is Muslims’ holy book, and it encompasses all elements of human life.

The recitation of the Holy Quran is a type of spiritual music. It stimulates alpha brain waves, which aids in the production of endorphins. As a result, it raises the stress threshold, eliminates unpleasant feelings, and induces relaxation. 

Listening to the Quran causes you to ponder, to feel as if you have a companion as if you are never alone. Because Allah’s words, as truthful as the sky and the earth, are with you.

You understand that this life is fleeting. And this realization causes you to disassociate from worldly and materialistic things in order to strive for a better tomorrow. A better Afterlife!

The Effect of the Quran on Brain 

Listening to its recitation instills an incredibly pleasant and fresh sensation within us. In our hearts and souls, as we begin to understand that Allah can cure all of our problems in an instant.

And that He alone can restore our shattered hearts, and He is the creator of those hearts!

It makes our hearts and spirits yearn for greater knowledge, since the Quran, without a doubt, is a complete life guide.

It makes us think that Allah is speaking to us, that He is indeed conversing with us.

And that we may turn to Him and thank Him for our benefits while also crying in front of Him for our difficulties.

Scientific investigations conducted many years ago proved that balanced and rhythmical sound waves were good for the brain.

Symmetric sound waves aid in the treatment of Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Sleep Disorders, and some hazardous habits including smoking and drug addiction. It aids in the treatment of diseases and the alleviation of symptoms.

That is the same as listening to the Quran. Because the sound waves from Quran reciting are rhythmical, they aid to reorganize brain cells, boosting cognitive capability and capacity. You only need to listen to the Quran being recited.

The research proving that the Quran has a therapeutic impact came as no surprise to many Muslims who had previously read this in the Quran.

“And We send down of the Quran that is a healing and a mercy to those who believe and it increases the wrongdoers with nothing but loss.”

(Surah al-Israa)

Healing by Listening to Quran 

Allah SWT’s words are included in the Quran. He sent his words to Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), who was to expose them to the whole world and implore everyone to believe what was said. So, what better way to draw closer to Allah than to listen to what He has to say?

Listening to the Quran is a sunnah and one of the clearest methods to gain Allah’s blessings. The Holy Quran states that:

“who listen to what is said, then, follow the best of it. Those are the ones whom Allah has guided, and those are the ones who possess understanding”

(Surah az-Zumar)

Aside from the spiritual and religious aspects, listening to the Quran has been shown to be good for your body, heart, and mind. Have you ever been depressed and then heard some Quran words and felt better, or at least in harmony? That is exactly what Allah’s power via the Quran can bring for your soul and mind.

“Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah, for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction.”

(Surah Ar-Ra’d)

Here is a list of advantages of merely listening to the Quran being recited:

  1. strengthen your body’s immunological system
  2. improve your creative skills.
  3. improve your ability to concentrate
  4. Chronic and terminal illnesses can be cured. 
  5. non-chronic diseases such as allergies, migraines, flu, and so on can be treated. 
  6. Alter your habits and behavior to help you become a good human.
  7. discover inner peace and release neurological tensions
  8. Reduce agitation, impatience, and precipitation.
  9. reduce nervousness and uncertainty

How Can I Listen To The Quran Online?

You can listen to the Quran online using the Quran Online listening tab. You have a wide selection of Quran reciters from which to choose your best. Then you’ll have access to all of the Quran’s chapters (Surahs) in one place.

You may also register in a Quran recitation course with Quran Online and its team of experienced Quran instructors, who will teach you how to recite the Quran correctly without forcing you to leave your home.


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