Does Crying Break Your Wudu? What Muslims Must Know

Have you ever wondered does crying break your wudu? It’s a very legitimate question that almost every Muslim on the planet asks.

It happened to everyone of us at least once in our lives, we cry while praying or simply having wudu on. This induces the question of whether or not crying invalidates your wudu. Keep reading to know more.

So, does crying break your wudu? No, crying doesn’t break your wudu. Tears that come out due to crying or cutting onions don’t invalidate wudu. However, some scholars agree that a leakage that comes out due to an illness like a sore eye invalidates wudu and it is necessary for him to make wudu for each prayer when its time period starts.

What Breaks Your Wudu? 

man doing wudu to answer does crying break your wudu

Any discharges

Any discharge from either the front or rear passages (urine, stools, wind, etc). Except for wind released from a woman’s front entrance, this includes vaginal discharge. All these things will break your wudu.

To be clear, discharge is not always unclean, but because you don’t know whether it’s coming from the uterus or the walls of the private parts, it’s best to treat it as impure and do Wudu. Wudu must be performed each time any of these activities occur.

It is crucial to highlight, however, that we should not give in to intrusive ideas! Because, according to a hadith of Abd-Allaah ibn Zayd, a man believed he had violated his wudu while praying when he had not, and the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

“Do not stop praying until you hear a sound or smell an odor.” 

So, if anything happens in your stomach and you are unsure whether or not you have damaged your wudu, the main concept is that your wudu is still intact! And this is the comfort of Allah’s deen for us Muslims.


This is a significant issue that many people worry about. According to several Islamic scholars, if your blood runs from the wound, it is unclean, and you must do wudu again when it stops. 

However, if it is bleeding for an extended period of time and you are concerned about skipping prayers, apply a bandage and do wudu over it. A cut that has no blood flow but rests on your skin will not break your wudu.


If you vomit a mouthful, your wudu will be broken. However, even a small amount of vomit might cause some people to do wudu again. But, once again, it must be a mouthful.

To be clear, there are conflicting viewpoints here. Some scholars, such as Imam Abu Haneefah and Imam Ahmad, believe that vomiting does not invalidate wudu. However, Imam Ahmad also stated that if there is a considerable amount of vomit, wudu is invalid. 

Imam al-Shafi’i held that vomiting does not invalidate wudu, which is probably accurate because there is no solid proof that vomiting invalidates wudu.

Losing one’s mind

This may imply losing it completely (insanity) or momentarily for a certain period of time due to factors such as sleep, unconsciousness, or drunkenness.

Touching one’s private parts or your partner’s private parts 

According to numerous scholars among the Sahaabah and those who followed after them among the Tabi’een and the imams, including Maalik, al-Shafi’i, and Ahmad, this will necessitate doing wudu once again. 

However, Imam Abu Haneefah was of the opinion that it did not negate wudu in this situation. Some scholars distinguished between touching the private area with and without desire. Wudu is invalidated if it has been touched by want, but it is not invalidated if it has not been touched by desire.

Sexual intercourse or extreme touching. 

According to Hanafis, if a man and a woman’s skins make contact each other, their wudus are not invalidated; however, if a woman and a man touch each other while naked, or if they touch each other with sexual desire without a clothing that prevents them from feeling the heat of their bodies, or if they stroking and hug each other in this manner, their wudus are invalidated.

Most Hanafi scholars believe that contact is excessive when a man’s sexual organ gets erect; however, Imam Muhammad believes that wudu is not invalidated unless a wetness such as madi (pre-coital fluid) comes out.

According to Shafi’i, wudu is invalid when the skins of a woman and a man come into contact. According to the Malikis and Hanbalis, wudu is invalid if sexual pleasure is sensed when the skins contact.

Things That Don’t Break Your Wudu

  1. Changing one’s clothing does not jeopardize one’s wudu.
  2. Looking in the mirror will not cause you to lose your wudu. Believe me, the first time I heard this, I burst out laughing.
  3. Kissing or embracing your wife or spouse does not invalidate wudu unless done with passion and results in a discharge.
  4. Cutting your nails does not cause wudu to break.
  5. Crying does not destroy wudu.
  6. If the sleep is light and not deep, it is possible to sleep without losing consciousness or without leaning on something.

Does Crying Break Prayer? 

No, crying doesn’t break prayers. Though it is makrooh (abominable) to cry silently during a salah for a worldly problem, it does not invalidate the prayer. However, sobbing aloud just because of a worldly problem or groaning in exhaustion because of pain invalidates the prayer, but the wudu is not broken.   

Someone’s prayer is not negated because of involuntary sounds caused by pain. However, the prayer is invalidated according to the sects of Hanafi and Shafii when a person tears loudly and utters phrases like uh-oh due to worldly misfortunes or personal diseases.

If the crying is brought on by thoughts of Heaven and Hell, the prayer is not invalidated because it is brought on by khushu (humbleness in prayer). The hadith states the following:

“He who obeys Almighty Allah by crying, enters Paradise by laughing and he who sins by laughing enters Hell by crying.”

Crying while praying does not render the wudu invalid. However, according to Badayi Us-Sanai, the wudu is invalidated due to the flow caused by the eye pain, and such a person becomes mazur (excused); thus, they must have wudu for every prayer when its time comes.

Does Picking Nose Break Wudu? 

No, picking nose doesn’t break wudu. There are specific things that can break your wudu and picking your nose or ears are not one of them. It’s preferable not to do that within the Salat though.

Does Swallowing Vomit Break Wudu? 

No, swallowing vomit doesn’t break wudu. It’s not one of the things that can invalidate your wudu. It can invalidate your fasting if it’s intended or swallowed. You shouldn’t intentionally vomit so as not to break your fast.

Does Vomiting Break Your Fast? 

No, vomiting does not break your fast if it’s not intended. If this happens without one’s consent and they’re overtaken by it, it has no effect on their fasting. However, if they induce vomiting by putting something into the back of their throat, such as a finger, their fast is broken.

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