5 Ways to Help with Children’s Quran Learning

All Muslims want their kids to learn the holy Quran.  The Quran is the pathway to eternal bliss and success.

When we bestow our trust on Allah almighty, we experience closeness to him and our faith strengthens.

Your children’s Quran learning is crucial to set them on the right path because we as parents, we always want the best for our children and teaching kids the significance of Quran is a vital part of Islamic parenting.

5 ways to help with Children’s Quran Learning

Children's Quran Learning tips

Here we will learn five important ways in which you can instill the love of Quran in your children:

Devote yourself to Quran reading and learning

Children learn the best by example. Before you can make your kid fall in love with Quran, you need to evaluate your own relationship with the holy book. Your child will imitate what you do.

When they see you pick up the holy Quran a few times in a day, they will know that the book is important. However, if they do not see you or see you very less with the book, they will not prefer considering it.

The most important step in making your child love the Quran is for you to fall in love with it first.

Keep reconsidering the Quran virtues

Kids tend to find the Quran difficult.

An effective way to overcome this problem is to visit and revisit the virtues of the Quran with your children and reward them for studying, reciting and memorizing the pages.

Discuss Ahadith in detail with your kids and when you do so ensure that you discuss with them Jannah and the reward, so that your children would want to have those rewards. 

All this will make way for understanding Quran among your kids. You can learn more tips to help them understand Quran more easily here.

Create an Islamic environment

Kids learn a lot from the environment they live in.

If you want your kids to love and value Quran, you need to create an Islamic environment where the holy book is cherished. An Islamic environment acts a great factor for engraving the love of Quran in kids.

When your house is filled with family members reciting the Quran, your children too would want to recite the book.

You can befriend and invite people who love the Quran and introduce them to your kids. When kids meet people of the Quran, they learn good virtues from them.  

Share stories from the Quran

All kids are fond of stories and when the stories have a moral lesson, the kids learn good virtues.

There is a range of stories mentioned in the Quran. You can share these stories with your kids and tell them that the stories come from Allah almighty.

Your kids will value the stories more and will be able to relate to them. Young children might also relate to the Quranic verses about the universe, the moon, the sun, etc.

You can also enroll your child in a reliable Quran online class so that it becomes easy for them to master the holy book.

The teacher will teach your child in a pace best suited for them and you will get to track the progress of your child.

This will help your child instill discipline in them for learning the Quran.

Have a Quran time with family

Having a Quran time with family can prove to be quite effective in helping kids learn and memorize the book.

When the members of the family study the Quran together, it makes learning it fun and educative and also promotes family bonding.

You can allocate a weekly or daily time during which you can discuss the multiple portions from the Quran and how the lesson can be applied in your lives.

It is vital that you talk at your kids’ level and keep them engaged. The verses that you choose for your younger kids need to be different from the ones you choose for your teenage children.

Make your children’s Quran learning easier and more fun for your child with Quranonline classes- a well-known institute for online learning of Quran.

Quranonline is equipped with expert tutors that are great at teaching Quran and confirming that children as well as adults receive access to quality Islamic education. The teachers work hard with their students and make sure that Quran memorization and recitation becomes easy and interesting for them.

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