Can You Listen To The Quran In The Bathroom?

Muslims who find their solace in the Quran strive to listen to it constantly. They listen to it while trying to sleep, after they wake up while doing house chores, and so on. However, listening to the Quran in some places is considered a sin.

So, can you listen to the Quran in the bathroom? No, you can’t listen to the Quran in the toilet. Toilets are considered impure places that shouldn’t have the Quran recited or listened to inside them. So, it’s hated and actually considered a disrespect to play the Quran on any device while you’re inside the toilet.

Can You Listen to the Quran in the Bathroom?

can you listen to the quran in the bathroom

Regarding listening to the Quran in the bathroom, there arise two cases:

  1. The Quran is recited outside the toilet, and the person using it or going to the bathroom listens to it. There is no danger in listening to the Quran provided it is done outside of a bathroom or toilet.
  2. Inside the toilet or bathroom, the Quran is recited. It is completely forbidden to recite the Quran in the bathroom or toilet, and it is also forbidden to listen to the Quran on any device in the toilet.

As a result, you should refrain from listening to the Quran on your phone when using the restroom. And only Allah knows what is best.

Can You Wear Accessories That Have Allah’s Name in the Bathroom?

No, you can’t wear accessories that have Allah’s name in the bathroom. This makes the piece prone to impurity and disrespect. We should treat Allah’s name with full respect. So, it’s better to take it off before you go inside the bathroom.

It is allowed for you to wear a chain with Allah’s Name inscribed on it as long as you do not insult it. It is considered disrespectful to take it to the toilet or expose it to impurities.

The Prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him) is said to have removed his ring when he went to the bathroom since it was inscribed with Muhammad Rasool-Ullah (Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah).

“This is [to be borne in mind]. And anyone who honors the symbols set up by God [shall know that] verily, these [symbols derive their value] from the God-consciousness in the [believers’] hearts”

(Surah al Hajj)

Imam Ibn Abi Shaybah related from Ikrimah that Ibn Abbas used to hand him his ring before using a toilet and tell him, “If you are obliged to enter the toilet with it, grasp hold of Allah’s Name or cover it with a towel or the like.”

Imam Ibn Abi Shaybah reported from Ikrimah from Ibn Abbas, who said: ‘If someone enters a bathroom while wearing a ring with Allah’s Name, he should take it within his palm and then hold it with his finger.’ ‘If a ring or the like has the Name of Allah, one should take it into his palm,’ stated Imam Ahmad.

Can I Just Rely on Listening to the Quran Instead of Reciting It?

No, you can’t rely on listening to the Quran instead of reciting it. You must also recite the Quran on a regular basis. Listening is undoubtedly more accessible and can be done at any time and place, but it cannot be depended on fully to establish your connection with the Quran without a regular recitation.

Regardless of the value and benefits of listening to the Quran, reading its Arabic text aloud much outweighs them. This is due to the fact that when a Muslim recites the Quran aloud, more of the human senses are stimulated than when they simply listen to it.

Even if your command of Arabic is limited, you should make every effort to recite the Quran. You should make an effort to acquire the necessary knowledge to assist you to enhance your Quran recitation in a methodical manner.

We may conclude that listening to the Quran carefully while staying silent is a good deed. A Muslim, on the other hand, should do both wonderful things: recite the Quran aloud and closely listen to it.

Is It Haram to Listen to Music in the Bathroom? 

No, it’s not haram to listen to music in the bathroom. It’s makruh (disliked) though. There is no concrete Quranic and Hadith evidence that says that listening to music in the bathroom is haram, however, the scholars lean towards it being a makruh.

Listening to music in the shower or while using the bathroom is a matter of adab (etiquette). Because it is an issue of adab, it cannot be deemed haram, but just makruh (disliked).

According to the Hanafi tradition, in order to declare anything haram, there must be solid, decisive proof that is powerful in both explanation and narrative and is not subject to interpretation. Despite the fact that some scholars consider music to be haram, listening to music, in general, is halal (permissible).

It is allowed to listen to music as long as it does not encourage wrongdoing. The rule on listening to music in the bathroom is makruh because it is an issue of adab, or decorum (assuming the music itself is not haram).

In order for music to be considered haram, the lyrics must blatantly contradict Islamic beliefs. Furthermore, while listening to music, it should not be listened to if it stimulates bohemian cravings, which keep a person away from Allah SWT and tempts them to sin.

Can You Listen to Nasheeds in Ramadan? 

Muslim scholars are constantly focused on what Islam has said, whether it is beneficial or bad for its followers. They investigate the reasons and describe them in simple terms that anybody can comprehend. More than a dozen Muslim scholars have given lectures on this topic.

You can listen to Nasheeds in Ramadan if they have the following conditions:

  • There are no noises that mimic the music.
  • The lyrics describe God’s majesty.
  • Do not have any backing music.
  • They draw Muslims closer to the Almighty Allah.
  • It makes no use of obscene words.
  • They do not portray any immorality.
  • They make the audience aware of Islam’s beliefs.

If you enjoy listening to Nasheeds, keep this good habit going. It not only serves your religious views, but it also makes you tranquil and pure. That’s it for this article on whether you can listen to the Quran in the Bathroom, if you have any questions, make sure to send them to us and we’ll do out best to answer them.

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