6 Best Online Quran Tutoring Websites To Check Today!

Online Quran learning has been growing more and more each day and there are more online quran tutoring websites than ever before.

Gaining popularity after people stopped going to Islamic centers and institutions due to the recent pandemic, finding a Quran tutor online has become the most convenient alternative.

If you want to learn Quran online or you’re searching for kids Quran tutor online, Quran Online has your back with this list of best online Quran tutoring websites in 2021.

Best Online Quran Tutoring Websites in 2021


quranonline.com as one of the best online quran tutoring websites

If you’re looking for a professional academy that offers more than online courses, your search ends here!

Quran Online team understands what you need and gives it to you in the easiest, most convenient way. With online Quran classes, you get a variety of Quran classes for beginners with a personal tutor that meets with you during your scheduled sessions. 

Using video and other teaching tools, you get to learn whatever you want and have a mentor who guides you along the way. Some of the advantages you get:

Personal Quran tutor

With one-on-one sessions, you will have the undivided attention of our most qualified Quran teacher. You will surely experience Quran learning in the most productive way. All tutors are highly qualified for teaching the Quran no matter which level you’re on.

You can also sign up for a kids Quran tutor to make sure your kids learn with someone professional who knows how to handle children of different ages. Quran learning for kids is a challenging task to handle by yourself, so we’re here for you!

A variety of learning tools

QuranOnline.com’s online Quran learning tools will help you progress faster.

These tools are specially designed to make your Quran learning easier, with an online Quran to read and help with tajweed, classroom screen sharing, Quran memorization tool, and more.

A convenient learning platform

Our Quran learning platform keeps all of your class materials in one place. Take classes, play Quran learning games, use online Quran flashcards, and more with QuranOnline’s platform.

You can download the material to access later without having an internet connection.

Other than that, QuranOnline.com offers Ijazah courses with certifications, Mushaf shopping, and listening tools to listen to the whole Quran online.

IQRA Online

IQRA online as one of the best quran tutoring sites online

Want to learn the Quran but you’re worried the courses might be way too advanced for you? Head to IQRA Online! IQRA Online gives due care to beginners’ learning and offers a wide variety of courses that tackle the basics of the Quran and Arabic language before getting into the advanced levels. IQRA can be especially beneficial to kids.

Quran Reading (Noor Al-Bayan) course

With this course, you get to read Quran and get ready for Khatma with the Noor AL Bayan method, fix your points of articulations, and pronounce the sounds of Arabic in a much better way. Your tutor in this course will also help you develop a thorough understanding of the Holy Quran as you read.

Quran memorization course

This Quran memorization course is meant to help sisters and brothers, children, teenagers, and adults memorize and learn the Quran using Tajweed. Your teacher will first check to ensure that your Quran recitation is proper and that you are using Tajweed. 

Before beginning full memorization of the Quran, it is critical to learn the recitation of the Quran. This, in turn, will make it easier for you to remember the Quran. Fortunately, they also offer a Quran recitation course.

Quran recitation course

This course focuses on learning the proper way of reciting the Quran as it is one of the most important steps that must be taken initially to start the journey of learning the Quran. 

Whether you know Arabic well or not, the tutors will work hard to provide you with the finest learning experience possible so that you may learn to recite the Quran online and put its lessons into practice.

By the end of this course, you will be able to read Quran with Tajweed with ease, accurately pronounce each letter and syllable in the Quran, and acquire a new love for reciting the Quran.

Islamic Studies course

IQRA provides an Islamic Studies course that is not commonly found on other websites or online learning platforms. It focuses on expanding your child’s understanding of the Deen and the History of Islam.

IQRA has made it simple and accessible for parents to provide their children with a firm foundation of Islamic knowledge. Starting with the fundamentals and progressing through all parts of Islamic Studies, your kid will lay the foundation for their love of Islam and desire to study more about the Islamic religion.

Noor Academy

Noor academy as one of the best online quran tutoring websites

The third addition to the list of the best Quran tutoring websites online definitely has to be Noor Academy.

Noor Academy’s website gives you a special E-learning experience as it offers all the essential Quran courses in one place. With professional university-graduate tutors, you get to sign up for quality content for you or your kids and start your Quran learning journey now. The courses include:

Noorani Qaida course

Noorani Qaida is one of the easiest ways to learn the Quran, especially for non-Arabic speakers. Noor Academy offers this course with experienced online tutors who can start with you from square one in Quran reading.

Quran recitation

You get to learn how to properly recite Quran with correct Arabic language pronunciation and proper Tajweed. The course is well-suitable for beginners who wish to learn how to read Quran from scratch.

They even have a Tajweed course for kids to help them understand the most difficult Tajweed rules and raise them on reciting Quran flawlessly.

Quran memorization

Even if you are able to memorize the Quran on your own, having a private Quran teacher will teach you important memory strategies that will help you learn more quickly.

Studio Arabiya

Studio Arabiya is a pioneer in the field of online Quran and Arabic instruction. They teach both online and live sessions in Egypt as one of the most significant and largest centers for studying Arabic and the Quran for non-native speakers.

If you’re a non-Arabic speaker who wants to learn Quran, you probably face lots of struggles understanding the Arabic language and its rules in order to understand the Quran. That’s why Studio Arabiya may be the best for you.

With Studio Arabiya you get to learn:

  • Arabic grammar (Nahw)
  • The Arabic morphology (Sarf)
  • Arabic rhetoric (Balagha)
  • The Arabic dictation
  • Arabic calligraphy

You may think, do I need all of these to learn Quran? The answer is that the more you learn Arabic, the easier it is for you to understand Quran. Understanding Quran then reflects in easy recitation and memorization of it. So, it’s technically your choice.

Other than that, Studio Arabiya offers a cohesive online Quran course that will help you understand, recite, and memorize the Holy Quran with professional well-trained Quran tutors.

Muslim Tutorspot

With a creative layout of the platform, Muslim Tutorspot makes an amazing website in the field of learning online and deserves a spot in any list of online quran tutoring websites.

They allow you to try the first lesson for free, guaranteeing that you’ll definitely love it.

They have professional, well-trained, and university-approved tutors specializing in Quranic Arabic and Islamic studies. Muslim Tutorspot offers more than just Islamic-related courses, it’s basically anything you want to learn.

All you have to do is to visit the website, search for the subject you want to learn, find a tutor for you, and start off! E-learning has never been easier nor more efficient.


With a service that satisfies 99% of its users, QuranClasses.com offers you quality Quran online classes with professional online Quran tutor for kids and adults. You get to pick from their beneficial courses and try the first session for free. Their major courses include:

Quran recitation course

In the Quran recitation course, you get to learn how to read Quran with proper tajweed rules. Tajweed rules can be challenging to learn, but with their experienced teachers, you get to learn them in a very easy way. 

Basic Qaida course

This course is designed for beginners who begin their education with Noorani Qaida. This is followed by all teachers while imparting the necessary knowledge of Islam using Noorani Qaida. 

When you sign up your kids for this course they get to learn the fundamentals of reading the Arabic text in the Quran in a correct way, attain the beginner’s level skills in a short time with an effective way of learning, exercise what you learn gradually with exercises that instill fluency in your Quran reading, as well as Interact with a verified instructor to monitor your reading and guide you to the right way of reading.

Quran memorization course

In the Quran Memorization course, tutors have the ability to teach students how to memorize Quran in a very organized manner that produces fast results while ensuring they don’t forget what they learned. In this course, Quran tutors don’t only focus on memorization but also on reading with proper tajweed. 

Quran Tajweed course

You will be able to study tajweed in the proper way by listening to, reciting to, and being corrected by a competent Quran Tajweed teacher in this online tajweed course.

Apparently, there’s a lot of options you can review and choose what suits you from the best online Quran tutoring websites. This should leave no excuse to start learning Quran today from the comfort of your home, what are you waiting for?

Related Questions

Do I Have To Take an Arabic Course To Understand Quran?

Yes, you have to take an Arabic course in order to understand Quran. Allah directed Muslims to recite the Quran in its native language which is Arabic. This could be explained that Quran should be understood how it was intended, and translated text often loses some of its meanings. 

How Long Does It Take You To Memorize Quran?

It will most likely take you 3 years to memorize the Quran. The total duration is decided by your capacity as a student to recite the Quran prior to memorization, your age, your Arabic language level, and the technique used by your instructor.

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