Best Courses To Learn Quran For Adults

There are several reasons why adults should learn Quran, including the fact that it is a form of reverence for Allah’s words.

It is a recommended activity praised by Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and it teaches you the basics of Islam.

Want to know the best courses you can take to learn the Quran and learn about the best courses to learn quran for adults? Keep reading to know more about them.

Why Do We Learn The Quran?

reading quran to show the best courses to learn quran for adults

Every Muslim, man or woman, is responsible for learning Islam. We shall learn about Islam in a way that is unlike anything else through the Quran. This wisdom is Allah’s law and the heritage of the Prophets.

That’s why it is our duty to protect and defend the Prophet Muhammad’s (Peace Be Upon Him) heritage.

This cannot happen unless serious and genuine Muslims dedicate long days and nights to reading, contemplating, and educating people about Quran’s profound teachings in order for them to be passed down to future generations without distortion or extremism. 

What Is The Best Way To Learn The Quran?

The best way to learn the Quran is by taking an online Quran course. When you take online Quran lessons with Quran online, you get to learn from the best of teachers in the field in a comfortable setting and with suitable schedules.

You don’t have to leave your house after a tiring day to head to an Islamic center where you learn the Quran for an extra hour.

Additionally, you can learn from the comfort of your home without any additional effort or the possibility of risking your life during a pandemic.

Plus, you may also enjoy the flexible schedules provided by the online courses. You can choose when to learn whenever it’s convenient for you. This is beneficial if you want to fit the Quran learning in your busy schedule any day.

Steps Of Learning The Quran

Learning the Quran may appear to be a nice idea until you get caught up in the trap of not knowing when to begin. Let’s discuss a few measures you can take to get on the correct track of learning Allah’s Holy Book.

Make Niyyah

All Muslims must take the Quran seriously if we want to learn it. one should also have good intentions when it comes to the learning process. We are learning this book in order to rid ourselves of ignorance and then to help others do the same. The following Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) explains everything in few words:

“Verily Actions are (judged) by their intentions”


When studying the Quran, constantly remember to refresh your purpose and Niyyah. You must constantly remember that you are doing this for the sake of Allah’s SWT blessings, not for selfish reasons.

According to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

“Whoever studies that which is meant for the sake of Allah, desiring only a piece of the Dunya, he shall not smell the fragrance of Jannah on the Day of Judgement.”

(Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah)

Make Dua 

When we need Allah SWT’s wonderful assistance in any difficulty, we should constantly turn to Him. As a result, we should pray to Allah SWT to make the Quran learning easier for us and to bless us throughout the process.

Allah SWT has promised to grant our requests whenever we draw close to Him and offer a Dua to Him.

“When My servants ask you (O Prophet) about Me: I am truly near. I respond to one’s prayer when they call upon Me. So let them respond (with obedience) to Me and believe in Me, perhaps they will be guided (to the Right Way)”

(Al Baqarah)

Sign Up In Online Courses

You can find adult courses in the Quran Online catalog.

Learning the Quran with a professional tutor eventually pays off. There will be times when what you read can mean lots of different things, and you must be patient enough to return to specialists to know the right meanings.

Finding someone with more experience in these areas than you will make things a lot easier for you.

This will save you time, effort, money, and a lot of problems. You also ensure that you receive the proper and unbiased explanation of concepts and ideas in the Quran.

You can find out more about why online courses are the best way to learn quran here. Now, let’s see what are the best courses to learn the quran for adults that you can find online now.

What Are The Best Courses To Learn The Quran For Adults?

Let’s review some adult courses to learn the Quran on Quran Online website:

  1. Tafseer And Translation Of The Holy Quran

Tafseer is a 15-level program that teaches you the meaning of every Surah in the Quran. If you are already familiar with the Quran in English, you may learn the proper translation to Arabic as well.

  1. Quran Recitation Ijaza Course (Itqan Certificate)

If you want to have an official certificate that says that you master the Quran, then this course is perfect for you. In this course, you get to prepare for Ijaza in 6 different levels. You can choose the number of classes you take each week up to 5 classes per week until you’re fully prepared to take the certificate.

  1. Quran Recitation And Tajweed Rules

In this course, you will learn how to read the Quran from the very start by learning the Arabic alphabet and vowel marks (Tanwin). Then, you get to learn and understand the different Tajweed rules and how you can apply them in your Quran recitation the right way.

  1. Matn Al-jazariyyah

In this single-level course, you get to learn all about the well-known text on the science of tajweed by Imam Muhammad ibn al-Jazari. You’ll learn how to read the Matn (text), the translation, the explanation, and may even memorize it.

  1. Fath Ar-Rahman

Want to learn the Quranic Arabic but don’t know how to start? Fath Ar-Rahman’s course from Quran Online is your go-to. You get to learn the basics of Arabic such as the alphabet, the short and long vowels, the marks (tanwin), and so much more.

  1. Quran Memorization Ijaza Course

This course is intended for serious students who want to enhance their Itqan (proficiency) in remembering and reciting the Holy Quran. By systematic memorizing techniques, students will memorize the whole Quran and never forget it. Classes are divided into six levels.

When the student memorizes the entire Quran in front of him using Tajweed guidelines, the tutor will give the learner an Ijazah for memorizing the Quran. At the completion of the course, the Quran Reciter will be awarded a certificate.

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