4 Ways to Help Children Memorize Quran Faster & More Easily

The Holy Quran is of great value in the lives of Muslims and is the fourth sacred book of Allah. The book offers great guidance not only to Muslims but to the entire mankind. And, as with everything, helping your children memorize Quran could make it easier on them and make the process go smoother and faster.

To comprehend the teachings of the Quran, it is vital that you learn it by heart.

Muslim parents need to teach their kids the Quran right from the childhood to allow them to lead their life in accordance with the teachings of the Almighty Allah.

Helping your kids understand the holy book is a vital part of Islamic parenting.

Since learning the book has a huge importance in Islam and so, the Hafidh (the one who memorizes the Quran) also has a great reputation among the Muslim ummah. You can also learn about the benefits of Quran memorization here.

Ways to Help Children Memorize Quran More Easily

Photo of Quran to illustrate tips to help children memorize Quran faster

A great legacy that a Muslim parent can leave behind for their kids is to aid their connection with the Holy Quran right from their early childhood. Here’s a look at the vital tips that can help your kids in memorizing the Quran:

Develop a routine

To make learning Quran for kids easy, it is vital that parents develop a routine for their kids and stay consistent with it.

Parents need to ensure that there is a planned schedule of learning and the kids are offered a particular time in their schedule for learning.

Even if your kids learn one verse on a daily basis, you need to ensure that they are consistent in their learning. Children should stay in the habit of learning the holy book and no gap in learning should happen.

Start with short verses

Kids at an early age cannot concentrate for longer periods. Thus, you should make them listen to the Quran for short duration in the initial stages.

When it comes to Quran recitation, you can start off with reciting to your kids small Surahs. The shorter verses will make it easier for your kids to follow and will aid in memorization.

Develop an interest in your kids for Quran learning

Parents should help their kids develop an interest in learning the Holy Quran. This can be attained in distinct ways.

For example, parents can have their kids read the Holy Quran and then teach them to recite the same verses on another day.

After some days, you can ask your kids to memorize a specific verse of the Quran.

This practice of recitation of Quran will keep your kids interested and will keep their boredom away.

Reward your kids

You can keep a Quran log and also reward your children whenever they need some added encouragement.

This will work great with younger kids who might not understand why learning the Quran is vital.

For instance, if your kid is 3-4 years old and you have just begun teaching them the Quran, then offering them gifts on distinct milestones will keep them going.

When children begin to learn and read the holy Quran early in their age, the probability of them getting impacted by its spiritual impacts increase.

Children get to experience the serenity and peace that the recitation of Quran brings in their lives.

Parents need to realize that when their children grow up with the habit of Quran recitation and reading. They learn to rely on the holy book as a source of guidance, peace, serenity and solace.

All this comes handy in the chaotic world of today.

Parents should ensure that they have an active participation in the everyday revision of Quran lectures of their kids. This will make way for an efficient learning.

The aim of parents for their child should be to develop an attachment to the Holy Quran, whether it is via learning or memorization.

Parents should improvise and utilize ways that make learning interesting and easier for kids when it comes to the memorizing of the Quran. 

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Keep in mind that not all children have the same memory or the ability to memorize easily. You can check find these tips to improve your child’s memory helpful.

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